Electric Boats by Watt&Boat

All electric boats by Watt&Boat available for purchase and rental.

Electric Boat “Lounge Boat”

The e-boat that makes a difference. This boat, combining pleasure and safety, ensures you have enjoyable moments on the water. With its table, you can enjoy a friendly aperitif while navigating and taking in the scenery: a “unique moment”.

Children’s Boat “JimBoat 6.5”

Every child’s dream. The most stylish e-boat for kids. Unsinkable, propeller protected in its nozzle, mechanical accelerator restrictor, optional Wi-Fi radio.

Electric Boat “OXOON NEO”

The number one in unique e-boats. Its distinctive shape with its sunshade, contemporary design, and vibrant colors make it a one-of-a-kind watercraft that captures interest at first glance. It easily appeals to all families.

Aquajet, bateau electrique enfant pour base de loisir

Electric Children’s Jetski “Aquajet”

The Aquajet is a perfect imitation of a real Jet Ski. Designed for children, fully electric, eco-friendly, and made in France.

Catamaran Boat “Obiboat”

The sociable e-catamaran, 7 seats. Its unique deck layout turns it into a floating lounge. Spacious and comfortable, movement is easy and passengers experience a shared moment without noise or odor disturbances. Trying it is adopting it.

Taxi / Shuttle Boat

Work in progress! Prototype still under study. This 12-seat boat allows you to travel from point A to point B and can be used as a shuttle or taxi. Versatile, as its spacious layout can accommodate 12 passengers, it can be used for team building, aperitifs, and even massage sessions with a professional. To be continued…

7-Seater Electric Boat

In a Class of its own, the monohull 580 in an electro-solar version. Front deck convertible into a sunbathing area. Guaranteed peaceful and relaxed moments. Pre-order for 2023.