The Electric 7-Seater Catamaran

With its unique shape and vibrant colors, the Obiboat stands out as a remarkable and eye-catching boat. This boat combines pleasure and safety to ensure you have enjoyable moments on the water.

It distinguishes itself with its reliability and ease of operation.

Advantages of Our Electric Catamaran


A 100% Convivial Boat

Its unique deck layout creates a floating lounge. Spacious and comfortable, easy movement is ensured, and passengers can share moments without noise or odor disruptions.

A Unique and Unusual e-Boat

Convertible into a mini BBQ boat with its table, plancha, and 7 seats, enjoy a convivial moment while navigating and taking in the scenery: “a unique and unusual experience.”

A Boat Without a License

No need for a license, easy to pilot. Everyone can get on board, children and adults alike.

A Reliable and User-Friendly Boat

Designed to facilitate daily maintenance and upkeep, Obiboat adheres to all maritime common-sense rules. Great autonomy, simple recharging and maintenance. The out-of-water electric propulsion protects the motor from impacts and resulting infiltrations.

A Gaze-Grabbing Boat

With its distinctive catamaran shape, convertible into a mini BBQ boat, it arouses the curiosity of passersby and invites them to experience it.

Maximum Safety

The extreme stability of Obiboat is ensured by its two hulls, which provide exceptional buoyancy (2000 liters, partial PU foaming). This grants it an outstanding level of comfort and reassures passengers of all ages. The soft bows absorb frontal impacts. Motor power adjustment via a potentiometer.

See the Electric Catamaran Obiboat in Action

Embark on an immersive journey aboard our unique electric boat!

Technical Specifications of OBIBOAT

A high-performance boat designed for leisure activities

Motor (max power)4.5Kw
Loaded Draft0.50m
Total Weight525 Kg
Battery 24/48 vLiFePO4
Max Speed6 knots

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