OXFLOAT Lounge Boat
100% Convivial

Its distinctive shape with a sunshade, contemporary design, and vibrant colors make it a unique watercraft that captures curiosity and interest at first glance. With its round and playful appearance, it appeals to all families.

The Advantages of OXFLOAT

A Perfect Boat for Water Aperitifs

With its table, plancha, and spacious benches, it comfortably accommodates 4 adults for a nautical experience and an unparalleled moment of conviviality. It easily transforms into a mini BBQ Boat.

Enjoy a friendly aperitif while navigating and enjoying the landscape: “a unique moment”.

A License-Free Boat

No need for a license, easy to pilot, it allows movement in all directions and 360° turns. Everyone can get on board, children and adults alike.

A Secure e-Boat

The OXFLOAT is a very stable watercraft. No protruding parts, no accessible propeller, very shallow draft. Its adjustable speed is limited to 10km/h.

Intuitive steering through tiller or joystick. Precision and responsiveness. Motor power adjustment via potentiometer.

A Reliable and User-Friendly Boat

Adapted inboard motorization. Long autonomy, simple recharging and maintenance.


Transparent bottom, sunshade, table, plancha, and more.

See the OXFLOAT in Action

Embark on an immersive journey with our unique electric boat!

Technical Specifications

A high-performance boat designed for leisure.

Height (with sunshade)1.52m
Weight (with batteries)200kg
MotorizationElectric 24V up to 2.5Kw brushless
BatteriesLithium LiFePo 4 with BMS and Bluetooth 4.0 smartphone app
AutonomyUp to 8 hours
ControllerWaterproof and fully configurable
Waterproof HF Charger1800W 
MaterialsComposites, polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass (RTM technology). Stainless steel metal parts.
CertificationCE 2013/53/UZ category D4 Passengers

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